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This is a long running porn discussion forum linked to an adult DVD review site. There aren't many places on the web where you can get directly in contact with the actual pornstars who appear in your favorite porn movies, but here is one of them. The stars themselves along with producers and other representatives from porn studios actively post on the forum, so members can make requests and find out who is doing what in the porn industry, and also find details such as the Twitter adult dvd talk for the girls they want to follow.

Along with the main forum sections about the usual topics - favorite porn scenes, discussions of porn niches such as DP and first time anal, etc - there is also a section for discussing general sex topics such as whether or not you should cum in your wife's ass, or alternatives to viagra, or what shape of penis girls prefer!

The Adult DVD Talk forum is one of the more active porn forums out there and seems to be populated by genuine and knowledgeable people along with actual pornstars so if there's anything you want to know more about in the porn industry, check it out. Name That Pornstar Identify unknown pornstars in this community driven forum.

Adult dvd talk

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