Anna exciting affection patreon

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Reactions: EkzarMikedazz1 and Zangs Reactions: dreamlord May 15, 70 Jul 2, 89 Where do i get this LAN party kicked off?

Anna exciting affection patreon

Ruffy Active Member. Jul 9, DeepSleep Will there be a sequel to Visual novel - "Old church because it was really good and I would like to know how it goes on!

Anna exciting affection patreon

You could do the second part that they have a breakdown on the way home with their car and so on land in the village of the old man! Reactions: Jansen.

Anna exciting affection patreon

DeepSleep Member Game Developer. May 8, Ruffy said:. Reactions: erikusJansenPatan and 4 others. May 11, 2, 6, DeepSleep said:. Not sure about sequel but there will be other short novels in the future. Fun with older men will be in the game though. Reactions: mazariah. Reactions: Ekzarblink66xhyntos and 3 others. Ragnar Super User Respected User.

Aug 5, 2, 6, Yep, the game could be better in Ren'Py. I don't know how fast DeepSleep can work with the engine compared to Rpgmaker MV, but this kind of game works better in Ren. Reactions: UncleVT. Zangs07 Active Member. Sep 24, 1, Reactions: SweatPicle. StarWarrior Well-Known Member. May 24, 2, 3, Zangetsu07 said:. Reactions: Anon-e-Mouse and Zangs StarWarrior said:. So are you saying we should go wild? Reactions: Anon-e-Mouse. SweatPicle Active Member. May 6, Nov 6, 10 I played mostly renpy visual novels such as Dreams of desires, DmD, Lab rats, I am not really familiar with this kind of rpgm games.

What is the advice for me playing this kind of game for the first time? SiriusDar17 Member.

Anna exciting affection patreon

Aug 11, Thx bro. Any plans on converting Anna's Exciting affection to renpy at some point as the side game was renpy? Also if you don't Um could you maybe add some sort of map or highlight the way on where you gotta go? Sometimes you gotta visit a place you haven't been in 2 months real time, and it takes like 10 minutes to find it. Ok, I'm looking forward to it! Do you already have an appointment for 0. And finally, do not let anything persuade you and stay with RPG! Because I want to play this and not just click and read!

Anna exciting affection patreon

You've created the best RPG game by far, so please stick with it and do not change it! But maybe you could add an option or a portal where you jump from picture to picture, without running into it! Then the people would be satisfied too, who constantly go to Ren'Py. SiriusDar17 said:. Reactions: erikusdreamlordN7 and 6 others. Jwatson New Member. Sep 9, 6 0. Once I open the game it is stuck on "Now Loading Anybody experienced this and know a fix?

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Anna exciting affection patreon Anna exciting affection patreon

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