F95 teachers pet

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Instructions: 1 Download mod to Game folde r 2 Extract the rpy and images folder to the "game" folder along side "tp. Reactions: Pstew93DaveXisis and 22 others.

Apr 13, I got 3 votes for Sara but when I want to see her tits she tells me it wasn't enough, what do? Fission Mailed said:. I didn't now there were more than 3 people in the school May 17, I have a problem to progress in the game with the mod. Sara don't sell the tickets for the theater. I can only caress her breast. Sara Restore-patch1. Sara Standalone. Reactions: Minoin.

I think there i aslo a similar problem with Meghan : impossible to speak with her ; we can only ask her to undress to see her breasts. I'm not sure I can replicate that issue. The blackmail options don't show up f95 teachers pet you have at least 1 thing to blackmail her with, and once they do show up they're a separate button from the chat options. View attachment When I click on the blackmail chat option it goes through a dialogue telling what you have normal chat option works fine toothen goes to this where you can choose what you want to do, if you don't have enough blackmail material you don't get to see everything: View attachment I did find a potential issue with stat changes that I missed apparently it's through an uncommon chat option as it'll soft-crash the game and no one's complainedupdated the files, should finish ing in minutes.

View attachment I don't speak to kait's blackmail but Meghan after the movie's night. There are no further conversation's with her I'll have to pay attention when v2. The last conversation is before movie night, after that it just goes to "You spend the rest of the period engaged in conversation.

DOA40 Newbie. Jan 20, 68 Not sure if it is just me, but I used the Sara "all in one version" to fix the issue with ticket problem and I still can't chat with her. I click the "Chat with Sara" button and nothing. I can still click the other one and get her show me her breasts, but I can't get her to talk with me. DOA40 said:.

Reactions: DOA Should be "1. Changing it to anything else won't modify the mod in anyway, it's just my crappy implementation of a versioning system. Workaround is to remove the mod rpy's until after the tickets have been bought. I can do it that way in the code too, but it seems a bit more "hacky" than I'd like. Maybe I can eventually figure out how to add onto the chat options properly. Figured out the issue with Sara, got it working like I wanted it to from the beginning. You can use it with the AIO as well if you're not afraid of doing a minor edit to line 2 of Sara. Feb 17, 4 0.

Thansk for this Fission Mailed said:. Jaaru Newbie. Aug 21, 27 5. Jaaru said:. Fixed, link updated. If you don't want to download it again you can open blackmail.

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F95 teachers pet

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Looking for Asset - Teacher's pet/Dual Family