Gain access to the castles armory

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Gain access to the castles armory

You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Closed Can't complete Old Guns quest. Thread starter Mark Durstewitz Start date Dec 31, Mark Durstewitz New Member. Messages I cannot remove the barricade to gain access to the armory, because the old salty female NPC Ronnie Shaw thinks I already removed it.

I haven't gotten to the quest where you build the artillery, but I hear that can't be completed either. Last edited: Dec 31, Verified Builder.

Gain access to the castles armory

Messages 1, Mark Durstewitz said:. I cannot remove the barricade to gain access to the armory, because the old salty female NPC thinks I already removed it. Thanks for the in-depth work-around! No problem. Why would a deer of the Castle city plan block up that hallway down into the underhalls? Have they never played the game? That's bizarre. When I saw it, I thought maybe it was a vanilla feature to keep you out of there until Old Guns kicked off. We find similar blockages at Fort Hagen for example to prevent the player from going into where Kellogg is hiding until you're supposed to.

Either way, it needs removed and never returned. Last edited by a moderator: Dec 31, Support Team. Wiki Contributor. The easiest solution is to just not do a city upgrade until all the quests related to that settlement are completed. Taking Independence then Old Guns can be completed rather quickly back to back with a fast travel back and forth. The schematics are apparently an activator, not an item, so couldn't get a copy into my inventory. Everything in that Armory needs to be explicitly prohibited from scrapping during City Plan activation I feel. Make it safe. Drackar New Member. Messages 9.

This is fantastic to hear about I've been sitting here for the last four hours while my internet was down grinding on this very issue. Deargbleidd New Member. Messages 3. This will force the script just after Sarge has been killed to run and Ronnie will interact with the terminal and open the door. Now, once she gets done with her spiel and leaves the armory cell to go open the hydraulic door, use that moveto player command on her again after you use tcl to get past that barricade.

She'll run her usual route and open the door. Now here's the snag. The world item for the artillery schematics is removed in current version, so you're going to have to use a cheat to learn the artillery piece build, I recommend Cheat Terminal, it has a portable holotape with the cheat onboard that will let you learn the schematic. Then just SetStage Min03 if you want to complete via talking to Preston, gain access to the castles armory be safer or to instantly complete the quest.

Gain access to the castles armory

Deargbleidd said:. Drackar said:. Ok, I've spent the last twenty minutes looking at the cheat terminal. How on earth do you enable the schematic on this thing? Only, and here's the key, it bloody well isn't. I've done manual updates to the latest version. No schematics.

The fix is great for people who start the quest after that update. Edit: to be clear, I'm not expecting Kinggath and crew to fix such a minor issue that only affects at this point a very small group possibly just me? But a cheaty work around that at least lets me finish the quest would be handy.

Last edited: Jan 19, This damn thing has been buggy since the beginning. I've already tried both adding the schematic item, it gives a invalid inventory object error. And spawning it into the world, where it's a non-interactive object that will not trigger quest progression. They really did something funky with this one in the base game, I think. Yeah, I tried that, it does let me end the quest and unlock shaw as a merchant, but it doesn't unlock artillery.

But meh, how often do you actually use artillery, really? I can always spawn one in at the castle for looks. I use it all the damn time, especially with a mod that allows me to chuck the smoke grenades a decent enough distance to make it worthwhile. I'm greedy for XP, and kills with artillery don't count, do they?

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Gain access to the castles armory

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