How to cum hard

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Will kegels help? What about edging — or even meditation?

How to cum hard

Will reading Reddit sex tips help at all? Is it true that a simple change in position can make you orgasm harder than ever before? What about kegel exercises for men — can they help you ejaculate harder than ever? Or edging : Should you build up that extreme orgasm for hours, teasing yourself through a slow, super-long arousal period before you blow? Should you start experimenting with prostate play?

Do you need to see a masturbation coach to help you have sex like a champ? Or should you just wait a while between orgasms? Finally, are any of the sex tips you read on Reddit actually helpful? For all the masturbating men do, the orgasm can feel awfully rote. Sometimes we feel like emotionless cum machinesgenetically predisposed to ejaculate and ejaculate again until we dienever being how to cum hard to differentiate between one orgasm and the next.

So how to turn up the heat and give our dicks the most memorable climax yet? I reached out to some experts specializing in sex and orgasms — including two sexologists and a neurologist who studies the mid-climax brain — to find out. According to Prause, there are two questionnaires to assess more qualitative aspects of the orgasm experience. Alternatively, different experiences of orgasm may reflect the emotional context, such as feeling emotionally close to the partner or having taken a long time to experience climax during that sexual session.

But, being a scientist, she advises caution before dripping hot wax on your chest while alternating between edging and meditating. In other words: Physicallyorgasms are the same. McGough is arguing that ejaculation is but the endpoint of what an orgasm can be. Yes, if you take the time to explore things.

How to cum hard

First, pay attention to your level of arousal. Orgasm is something like that, and arousal is the mental build-up and the physical status that makes sex play desired in the first place. And to get to high arousal … sometimes elements of extra kink or special circumstances — like trying to stay quiet while someone else is in the room, a new partner, etc.

How to cum hard

An easy way to achieve higher arousal is to simply hold off on orgasming. The thirstier you are, the better the water will taste. However, if you really want to amp up the pleasure pressure and reach that mystical better male orgasm, McGough and Queen advise really drawing things out during the act itself. Like that sneeze, you are not immediately discharging the energy, but rather letting the arousal grow, and this will power the orgasm when it eventually happens.

Meanwhile, McGough hones in on the edging aspect. When you finally break, your strong-as-hell kegel muscles will make your orgasm feel stronger. And if you really want to put in the work for extreme orgasm, McGough recommends entering a near meditative state outlined by sexual health researchers William H.

Masters and Virginia E. For our purposes, that could be penile stroking or oral as the basic stimulation, plus prostate stimulation, or plus nipple play, or plus kissing, or… so many options! However, Prause again urges caution, reminding us that an orgasm is a physical reflex. So if the the orgasm itself will always remain the same, the least you can do is attempt to reach new heights in arousal before you bust. When you finally do, change it up: Tickle your neck and ears with a feather, enter a near-meditative state, and edge two or three times before your quick bedtime shower turns into a suspiciously lengthy one.

You very well could be in for one hell of an orgasm. Quinn Myers is a staff writer at MEL. He reports on internet culture, technology, health, masculinity how to cum hard the communities that flourish within. More Intense Male Orgasms: Ejaculation vs.

How to cum hard

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How to cum hard

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