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Gay, Lesbian, Transgender and Bisexual. Surprisingly it does not have a single story for heterosexual audiences. Being a heterosexual myself I found this a bit offensive and strange. Nifty is against advertisements, pop-ups or redirections to other sites.

I hope there was no fucking thing as advertisements because they ruin the fun of masturbating. Now you must be wondering if there are no how are Nifty making the dough right? So browsing is entirely free.

They have a really unique layout. Background is blue in color on top of which pink colored triangles are printed. Though the idea is really unique we feel that the website layout is just too plain and could have been better.

When you open a story you get to see how many times it has been viewed so far. They definitely could have used a better font de because their content looks like it has been posted on notepad.

If the low budget site is working perfectly why spend more on it. Nifty is not only about sex stories.

It also offers sex toys in its shop section. Well not just sex toys, if you want to advertise Nifty you can buy their merchandise too. No comments. Porn Surfer Rank:.

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Nifty stories org

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