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Before we start this fucking review, I have to get a few things out of the way first. First of all, we finally got justice. And by we, I mean myself, and all other people who are into asses more, rather than tits. For centuries, people r frogbutt us and told us that booty is a dirty place. Well, showers exist now, motherfuckers, and I'm going to eat that ass like it's a jar of fucking pickles!

And let me tell you something, I'm glad that, for once, I'm doing a clean ass review with women's asses. No fucking scat, gore, or some other fucked up shit that r frogbutt me want to smoke a pound of marijuana and fall asleep for a whole ass week.

I also have a sinful confession to make - I'm an avid Reddit user, and I don't give a fuck. Anyways, now that we've got that out of the way, we can finally start with this excellent fucking review. The home, beautifully full of women's stunning fat asses If there's something that makes me happy when it comes to this Reddit.

In case the whole Frog Butt thing confuses you, then let me clarify some shit first. Frog Butt isn't some fucked up thing where women pretend to be frogs. Even though that wouldn't be surprising at all, that's not what this place is about, no. On this particular Reddityou can see women standing on their toes, with their ass in the first plan. Get it? The name of the pose comes from them looking like that specific animal. The only difference is that I wouldn't fuck a frog, of course. And even though I'm sliding these jokes like a fucking pimp, I pretty much told you what the whole goddamn home is about overall.

When it comes to this website, you can browse it as a whole. But, since we're discussing this specific place, you can simply see some right booties, and scroll down to see even more. That's pretty much it when it comes to the home of this specific section, though I'll share some details. I suppose that most of you fucking virgins are already familiar with Reddit. But, in case you're not, I'll clarify some bullshit right away.

It's an excellent website overall. You have thousands of different subs, and they're all about a single thing. That means that you have unique places for tons of music genres, cooking techniques, workout regimes, politics, space discussion, cartoons, and all kinds of other shit. The only problem with this place is that mostly angry dudes who can't get laid and self-proclaimed experts ruin the experience for r frogbutt people. Plus, on Reddit, you have r frogbutt called karma. You collect that shit, it's like points, except is has no real-life value.

But, for some reason, you have people whoring out to gain these points. Overall, if we're speaking from a humanitarian standpoint, this website is fucking cancer. But content-wise, it's helpful and excellent. So, not, let's focus on the Frog Butt sub specifically. It pretty much functions like all other subs in this place. Right at the top, you have the sub's name and a '' button. If you like the content, you become a member of that place, and that's it.

Besides that, beneath the name, you have a short description, and that's it. You also have some ground rules. These are for behaving. And for types of content on the right side of the sub, as well as a list of mods. Overall, it's simple to use, the system is fucking fantastic, and that's it.

You can enjoy your time here, even if you're like mentally disabled or something. Aside from that, on Frog Butt sub, all you have to do is scroll, like I already said. You can either up-vote or down-vote shit, which is essentially a lame replacement for that whole like and dislike crap that other websites have. So, overall, the system is efficient, and you'll memorize it in three seconds.

Reddit has an excellent way of functioning that I much appreciate. The perks The biggest perk of Reddit. Dudes find images all over the web, and they post them here. It's like a unique place where all thirsty motherfuckers come to post hot photos and to bitch about the newest Rick and Morty episode, or something like that. Plus, everything here is for free.

You can use Reddit with total freedom, without any restrictions. That is, of course, unless you speak bad words about the Chinese government since the Chinese people invest a massive sum on money into Reddit regularly. So, if you're a regular dude who likes to get his dick hard and doesn't give a fuck, you'll have fun here. If you're a worthless, pathetic piece of shit that acts like a politics expert for strangers on the internet, you'll be salty all the time, which sucks for you.

Overall, this sub has tons of perks, because the possibilities are endless for you if you're not breaking the rules. The content and the video player Since Reddit. If we're discussing this sub explicitly, well, the content isn't all that diverse. You have chicks in that pose where they pretty much stand like a frog. Hence the name Frog Butt. Of course, now we need to discuss why the fuck is this pose attractive, and why the fuck did people name it that way.

Well, the name is because the pose is similar to amphibians, but still, that doesn't have to be a bad thing. When you pretty much have a naked chick squatting, then that can be a fantastic thing. You get the best view of both holes, and that's fucking amazing. I mean, if a woman came and stood like that next to me, I'd r frogbutt catch a case because I couldn't resist eating that booty right away. So, the content of this Reddit's sub is fantastic. Besides posting, like I already r frogbutt, on Reddit. When you upvote someone's shit on Reddit, their karma grows.

That's why people are whoring themselves out for this shit, even though anybody sane doesn't understand why. Of course, besides liking and disliking shit, you can also comment on various images. But, I always thought that comments on a sexy image are fucking weird.

I mean, you get in, jerk the fuck off, and then get the fuck out. Why would you want to look thirsty and write a paragraph on a woman's ass? It's the same as those dudes on YouTube hitting on women in the comments. It's like the worst thing ever to do, and r frogbutt automatically lose all respect for you.

So, overall, the content here is fantastic. You don't have any problems with it, and you can run it securely and enjoy your time here. And I forgot the best part as well.

Y'all know me, of course. R frogbutt have fucking integrity, and I hate it when sides crank up thousands of pop-ups to drive you crazy and to get that sweet ad revenue. Well, on Reddit, you don't have that shit, and you won't see any pop-ups. This website is a clean, efficient site, and you will surely love it. Just avoid the political subs and keep chilling on porno ones instead. Registration and conclusion The registration for Reddit.

You type in yourthen think of a fresh password, and ultimately, you can also choose a username for yourself, and that's it.

After that, you're off straight to Frog Butt, where you can post and comment on shit. Overall, my conclusion about this sub is fucking fantastic and positive. You get clean, juicy, delicious women's asses, which is what you need. And I need it too, especially after r frogbutt those shitty scat reviews. So, in the end, I'd recommend that you check this sub out.

You'll love it, mainly because it's super easy to get into, and it's devoid of any problems. Open Frogg Butt. Frogg Butt Excellent images Easy to use No People on Reddit suck Re-posts are something that plagues this site Some images are objectively bad. Hold The Moan. Busty Petite. Legal Teens. Adorable Porn. Top Premium Porn Sites. Free Porn Tube Sites. Live Sex Cam Sites.

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