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Sailor Luna is a very open, very nice new girl on the porn scene. She is going more mainstream and has an interesting past. Read on!

I was always definitely a slut. I was already experienced with dom fetishes sailor luna pornstar I got into porn. When I turned 18, I wanted to try webcamming so I tried it. They assumed everything I was doing was illegally. Then I got into porn and I was approached by an amateur, incestuous producer.

He was from my hometown and he would actually fly out girls to shoot in South Dakota. Of course, my crazy ass, he picked me out and asked me to shoot. Only I would find the only guy in the tri-state area to shoot porn. My naked body would be getting penetrated on the internet for years and years. Even beyond my death, probably. So I went all the way with it and here I am in Los Angeles. Sailor Luna: Basically, I started shooting with this amateur producer at the end of From there, I ed with Coxx Models and did a lot of fetish jobs.

My first mainstream porn shoot was with Reality Junkies that year. Sailor Luna: I was very lucky to actually find a man who was genuinely a sub. And he wanted to pay me for it.

But at the time, I was so young and just getting into all this, I ended up stopping. But, now, I wish I could find him again! Sailor Luna: I do pegging, I love pegging! I consider myself to be a gentle pegger because all of the femdom scenes I see coming out, sometimes it just makes me feel bad for some of these submissive men. Or they just started so how can they expect to know how to fuck someone in the ass? Well, you can but only after minutes of warm-up!

Sailor Luna: I was 15 and I was genuinely wanting to lose it for a year already. I was just tired of having this anxiety and stress about being a virgin. I wanted to be sexual and have sex. I was 15 and found another boy from my school and just wanted to get it over with. It was just this regular teenage boy but he was Italian and had this ridiculously large horse cock. I lost my virginity to this ridiculously large penis. He should have been a porn star! You have to breathe! There was a little bit of blood but not too much. Sailor Luna: Basically, he was just my beginning.

After I got it over with I could then become a slut. Sailor Luna: Jesus. Sailor Luna: Yes I was with girls. They were hot though. They were with my friends. One of my friends is really cute. Another girl I hooked up with was my best friend and she was cute and girly.

She was like a lipstick lesbian. Sailor Luna: I was always a good noodle about it. I waited until I was 18 until I started anything and I had the one session with that one sub in South Dakota. Then I stopped and had a regular job until I was approached by an amateur producer.

Driving also! One of my first jobs, I was an apprentice where we built string instruments. They would throw me cash to clean up and then they would show me how to do stuff. That was super fun. I got into trouble doing that too. There were two guys and one guy hired his brother and he went to the college in Minnesota. He was 33 and I was It was all fun and games for me to have a crush on him, that was fun.

And innocent. Sailor Luna: Oh, no, it never went anywhere. We were talking one day and he offered to send me nude photographs of himself. That was the context of our conversation and then I stopped talking to him after that. Sailor Luna: The story is not nearly as exciting as others. I was on Facebook sailor luna pornstar I was a little too late for MySpace. By the time I was old enough to have that type of thing, it was Facebook. A lot of girls had cute little names before they started coming down that you had to have your legal name.

Then the rules came around and someone reported my Facebook. I took it down for a little while then just came out with my legal name. CJ: So what was your first scene like? Were you intimidated? Turned on? Sailor Luna: My first scene was technically with this guy in South Sailor luna pornstar. Me and this guy and a handycam.

By the time, I actually got to a legitimate set with crew and lights and everything, no, none of that bothered me at all. I was used to it. But definitely my first clip was hard. That first scene, I stopped it a couple of times because I was stumbling over my words and was obviously very nervous. He took it slow with me and it was a good scene. Sailor Luna: My favorite position is doggie.

Sailor luna pornstar For fans that are new to you, what are some of your favorite scenes that you could recommend? That was with 5 guys and that was great. And I did a really great anal scene for Evil Angel. He was amazing. It was my second anal scene ever and he was great. David Lord is great. He explains stuff and has cute ideas. And all of my work is gonzo porn and he does gonzo porn.

I recently shot for Manuel, an anal scene for Jules Jordan. I would love to shoot an actual scene with Jules Jordan. I always enjoy his photos.

A lot. Sailor Luna: Hmmmm. But when I met him and we were in a real relationship, he was separated. But now, they got back together. Sailor Luna: I like older guys. But sometimes! Like the other day, I was hanging out with a guy that I thought might potentially be something. I was drinking wine and pretty sober. He wanted a kiss so I gave him a kiss and he just smelled like gross, old man mouth.

He had a mouth like a muppet or something. I already have a hard time orgasming! It just takes a while sometimes. Sailor Luna: Yes, definitely. Sailor Luna: When I first started watching, I would only watch gay porn; man-on-man gay porn.

Sailor Luna: There was a guy that I used to watch when I was a young girl and it took my years to figure out his name. So it took so long and his name is Bruce Venture. I thought he was foreign and lived in another country. Just swallow it and it goes down the throat. Or on my face because I usually wear glasses and I need to get some more glasses. I like getting it on my glasses because it protects my eyes. Sailor luna pornstar Luna: My first anal experience was at the beginning of last year.

I had other anal experiences before that but that was my first positive anal experience. My first anal scene was with Marcus London. So nice and so humble and sweet. Even with him being who he is. It was for Team Skeet. Part 1 is up with Lyra Lockhard and Randy Denmark.

CJ: What are you like off-camera? When you have free time, what do you do for fun? I like hiking. My fans like me doing fetishes that I personally like. Like my bush, they love that. I like smoking weed, not cigarettes, but I smoke cigarettes for customs and what not. I love so many movies, so many bands, so many genres, I would almost have to go by genre and then top I do like rap and hip hop and trap music and metal and underground.

I like a lot! I love eating and want to build an audience of people watching me eat. It has to be fried. Most recently, he really liked anal and butt stuff. When we were together, I did my first anal scene. That was the kinkiest. It was messy to say the least. Instagram is SailorLunaOfficial.

Sailor luna pornstar

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