Sarada training walkthrough

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Sarada - Cheat and Manual Hello Patrons.

Here you can find cheat menu. Just click on the poster. You can change progress. Views 6, Downlo File size 27KB.

Sarada training walkthrough can change progress of characters during the night. Start the game play intro listen to sarada 2. At night go to the forrest and unlock - upgrade your namigan to lvl 10 3. At day visit shool and talk with Sarada until you have option to talk about namigan 4.

Go to forrest at night and talk with Sarada 5. Chat with Sarada from your room at night unlock training 6. Chat with Sarada from your room at night touch her 3 times and hug her 3 times with right answers 8. Visit Sarada at night and invite her to date - impress her and convicne her to relationship - need ryo 9. Complete kiss strip and touch boobs conversation Go to gate complete S rank mission need genjutsu level 10 and namigan level 20 for complete Go to gate complete S rank mission pick option "Explore the place" and"Go closer" need taijutsu level 20 and namigan level 40 for complete in other option you need namigan level 80 Visit Sarada at night in her home and knock the door - talk with her Go to gate complete S rank sarada training walkthrough need ninjutsu level 25 and namigan level 60 for complete To comlete Sarada boob touch you need to buy chakra clips At night chat with Sarada and ask her for handjob - then act polite At night chat with Sarada and ask her for blowjob and fuck her a few times Start the game play intro listen to Sarada 2.

You need to get Namigan to lvl 20 and complete first S mission 6. At niight go to forrest Rescue to Himawari 7. During day look arround restaurant 8. During day look arround training ground and train with Himawari 9. Complete the second S mission During night go to forrest and unlock time travel portal - talk with Himawari During night go to forrest and speak with yunger Himawari Now you can have fun with Himawari in night when you visit forest or in day if you look arround the stadion During night you can visit Sarada and Himawari in the Sarada house this is just for fun Need to complete part of Sarada missions - just to point 14 During night invite older Himawari to dinner During night talk with younger Himawari During night talk with older Himawari then talk with Sarada Complete S mission change future or not your choice At night Find Chocho at the bar and talk with her 2.

During Day talk with Coco and Sarada at school. During Day go to the restaurant and look around - you can now train her in that place 4. Now you can unlock some scenes of her in that place buy whip to unlock it 5. Buy chakra clips and continue training 6. Complete Tsunade part to learn expansion technique, then you sarada training walkthrough use it on Chocho 7. Complete blow scene 8. During night, try to use Namigan on Chocho 9. During the day, talk with Chocho at the restaurant Talk with Chocho at restaurant, complete next training step Complete S Missions to unlock Himawari and talk with her at night in Sarada house Have fun with Chocho use Kage bushnin no jutsu Find Tsunade at school and talk with her 2.

Improve your Namigan to level 7 and talk with her again 3. Now training in the school office is open. Try to teach some expansion technique 4. Buy whip and continue with training 5. Talk with Tsunade 6.

And train with her 7. During night drink with Sarada training walkthrough 3 times and then have fun 8. During day buy expansion scroll, then talks with Tsunade at school and then have fun 2 times. Second time use NF option 9. Tsunade will now disappear you can find her if you look around shop talk with her You need chakra level 40 and more. Then use chakra mixed training Complete S Missions to unlock Himawari.

Visit shop during day, talk with Ino 2. Work in shop 3 - 5 times depend on answer in step 3. Invite Ino to lunch go out option 4. Buy delicious food and invite Ino to lunch again - pick special lunch 5. During day, talk with Ino 6. During night, Invite Ino to bar - pick vine 7. During day, talk with Ino - Now you can use Namigan on her at night if you want. During day, go out with Ino - if you want to continue the "love" path pick option I like you 9.

During day, go out with Ino- pick swim option 2 times then lay option During night drink with Ino and pick option Long drinks. Start training go slowly step by step When you reach the sex option talk with her in her shop and pick option you like Namigan 1. Complete first 7 steps of her love romance 2. Ask Ino to strip 3. Massage Ino 4.

Increase Namigan level to 20 then play with Ino 5. Talk with Tsunade she will teach you how to increase boob size 6. Time to show what you learn use expansion on Ino - buy clips 9. Use other options go step by step Aftera a while you need to fight Ino to win you need high level relationship with her, namigan level 60 or genjutsu lvl 30 Increase Namigan to lvl 40 or more and continue interaction Buy slipperly scroll to increase friction Increase Namigan to lvl 50 and fuck Ino pussy Increase Namigan to lvl 50 and fuck Ino ass Complete talk with Sarada and obtain medallion 2.

Talk with Tsunade about medallion - complete common talk first 3. Complete S rank mission and use medallion 4. Talk to Sakura soul 6. Pick option Try to save her 7. During day Wait for Sarada and check sarada training walkthrough dialog 8.

During night visit Haruno house and talk with Sakura 9. During night visit Sakura and give her flowers Talk with Sakura and unlock her love options Use option Kiss and then Strip until you unlock option cum on her Finish her lover path and have sex with her MEI: 1. During day Look arround the gate try to visit mizukage 2.

Look arround the school and talk with Sarada 2 times she will tell you about Mei 3. Complete first S rank mission then look arround the gate try to visit mizukage 4. Now you can talk with Mizukage during day in the gate location talk with her 5. Then talk with her about sarada training walkthrough 6.

And try to use Namigan on her 7. During day talk with Sarada and Mei will you 7. Now you can go throught Namigan part or normal part unlock all scenes in one or both path 8. Talk with Samui 3 times during night at bar use option gently wake her up 2.

Talk with Samui 3 times during day meet her near the gate invite her to dinner 3. Use Namigan on Samui during night at the guest house 4.

Sarada training walkthrough

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