Super motherload walkthrough

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Motherload is a digging game by XGen Studios. Motherload was a free browser game released in While Adobe Flash Player support has stopped init remains playable here on Miniclip. It also has a paid version, Motherload Goldiumthat has some additional features, released around the same time. Ina sequel, Super Motherload was released, and could be bought here on the Steam store, which also includes Motherload Goldium.

However, the style and gameplay of Super Motherload differs ificantly. This wiki is about the original Motherloadunless otherwise specified. Set at a vague time in the future where humans have colonised Mars with extensive terraforming and some of Jupiter's moons, and developed various advanced technology, including teleportation and force fields. You begin the game as a drill miner on Mars, hired by Mr. Natasthe owner of a mining company. You drill underground in your mining pod to obtain various minerals and artifacts and do business with the four shops on the surface.

The mining pod can be controlled with WASD, or the arrow keys. It can move or drill left, right, or down. It can fly up, but not drill up. It can only drill left or right if standing on solid ground.

Stones cannot be drilled into unless you have the Multi-Drill upgrade in Goldium Editionwhile lava and gas pockets will damage you if drilled into. Running out of health or fuel will cause the mining pod to explode, forcing you to restart at the last save point. Marsquakes may also disrupt your operation. With the help of these shops, you can navigate obstacles, mine deeper and deeper into more dangerous and difficult areas with exponentially more valuable minerals, and prepare for the Ending spoiler alert! At the very start of the game, you need to refuel as running out of fuel causes a game over.

Propellent Vendor is right next to where you are dropped off. Then, go to any spot outside of shops and start digging down.

The most important mantra of Motherload is that you prioritise digging straight down. It is far better to do so to reach most valuable minerals as soon as possible. Fuel is critical to watch to avoid running dry. Do not get too distracted by early minerals. Getting lost and running out of fuel is deadly.

Minerals are sold for cash at Mineral Processor second shop from left.

Upgrades are bought at Autobuy third shop and items are bought at the pod repaired at Emendation Station fourth shop. Remember to save every time you surface at Quantum Particle State Analyzer A fuel tank e. Huge Tank is usually the first upgrade you should buy, since the tank you start with will only last about 30 seconds super motherload walkthrough digging. Then, buy a drill e. Goldium Drill as your speed in digging depend strongly on it. Stones start appearing around ft.

Buy Dynamite from Emendation Station to blow them up if they are in your way. While Dynamite seems very expensive at this stage, it is critical to have a straight, deep, single mine shaft so you can get back and forth efficiently, and getting to deeper valuable minerals will pay for it. Lava pockets start appearing around ft. Gas pockets start appearing around ft. At ft. Amazoniteonce you reach them, is so valuable they would easily pay for absolutely anything.

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Super motherload walkthrough

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